Screen saver

anyone know how to get rid of the screen saver on zwift? you stop pedaling for a sec and it comes right on. im using apple tv. i lost a 25 min ride trying to figure out how to get back to the ride after a 2 sec stop

Any photos of this? I have never seen a screensaver in Zwift, so I’m not sure to what you’re referring.

if you let zwift sit idle for a few seconds it starts to advertise itself with a screen saver. Ill try to get a pic up tomorrow.

That would be helpful. I’ve been on Zwift for years and have never seen this.

Normally it suppresses the screensaver. You might try reinstalling the app and see if anything changes.

Its a Zwift screen saver. Its like a tutorial of all the features.

Wow that sounds weird. Try deleting Zwift and reinstalling it.

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yeah pretty sure that isn’t supposed to be happening