iPad Restart Bug

I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem. I am currently using an iPad to run Zwift with the latest version of the software. During a workout, if the Zwift screensaver comes on at any point, my avatar is teleported to the start of the route selected, Which often means it skips the leading, and my workout is restarted as well. This means if I have to pause for any reason (I have young kids so this happened often) it ruins my workout because I’m teleported back to the start of the route Andy have to restart my workout. Are there any fixes available? I’ve been trying to see how I can disable the Zwift screensaver but can’t find one? Thanks in advance.

I’ve never seen a screensaver associated with Zwift, but there was a recent report similar to yours, from an Apple TV user.

You should take this up with Zwift support. There’s not supposed to be a screensaver.