Screen mirroring for incompatible devices (and spectating?)

Bit niche maybe, but has anyone else experimented with using screen-mirroring apps with Zwift? The motivation would typically be to allow the use of incompatible devices. In my case, I run Zwift on a smallish Android tablet. I’ve been given a bigger one, but it’s not powerful enough to run the app. Somewhat to my surprise, however, what does seem to work is to run Zwift on the small tablet and use Team Viewer (which is free for personal use) to mirror it onto the larger one.

There may be creative uses for this around spectating and so on, although of course you could end up stuck with the view for a rider at the back of the group!

The remote control features work, and I haven’t seen any noticeable lag. In principle, I believe that the spectators could be on a different network. Not got sound sharing yet - must look at that, but in my case, the second tablet is next to me anyway and has sound.

I have used splashtop remote’s X wired display app which allows you to use a tablet as a usb touch screen monitor.

It does require you to have a pc near to your set up though, I do as I use a 5m usb cable.

Worked fine on a really old android 6 tablet.

The problem with wireless screen sharing or remote desktops is the frame rate is usually pretty terrible for stuff like zwift.

I screen mirror my phone onto a TV when I’m at the work gym.

Does sound too.

Can get a little juddery if the screens busy but perfectly useable.