Scotland Map is coming

Not necessarily. “France” doesn’t show up in France.

The one bummer is that intersection between the city and the countryside- note that it’s the same as the one between the railway and the rooftops in Neokyo: it’s not a perfect t. If you were coming from the bottom up in the city, you couldn’t keep going straight up; you’d have to go left or right. Makes route planning interesting, though.

Edit: the squiggly middle road must be the hill climb part of the Championships… could those loops at the top and bottom possibly be… could it be… turnarounds??? Let’s Tempus Fugit this climb!!! :star_struck:

At least it’s on the west coast… any chance we’ll see Nessie?

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She’d need to have moved house!
Loch Ness is here:

I should have split those two thoughts into two separate sentences… I guess what I’m wondering is how much cliché Scottish stuff do we get to see?
:scotland: :ride_on:

My previous guesses included;

The Kelpies
Castles (looking at the map, possibly Eilean Donan)
Ballieston Crane
Stray haggis
Forth Bridge

I think I can see a stone circle.
I’m hoping for a statue of a cyclist with a parking cone for a helmet.


I’m cancelling my subs, if this dosen’t happen !


I’m hoping for Danny MacAskill rocking some abandoned industrial architecture.


I want a Repack Ridge-like MacAskill course. First, you make a right turn off the main road. Then position your phone in the middle of your handlebars. Then suspend your bike and trainer from the ceiling by bungy cords. Then hit ‘Start’.


We are close!!

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Scotland has arrived… Well the Jan update!

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Event only until March.

That… would be amazing :star_struck:

For those who have no idea what I’m on about…


Even better. I thought it would be great without the Scotland connection!

Knowing Zwift, what looks like North in Zwift will be South when uploaded to Strava.
I’ll never understand why Makuri and France are rotated.

Scotland without Islay is just…Kentucky.

Rolling Highlands
City and the Sgurr
Glasgow Crit Circuit
Loch Loop
Muckle Yin

Some Tiny Races would be nice, Eric.

Map of 13


Interesting the way they did that loop.