Scotland Map is coming

You don’t want the Haggis ?

Based off the press release, is the Battle Royale format that Zwift talks about going to be built into the map? Or will it still require a Zwift employee to remove people from the event?

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As far as I’m aware, this doesn’t include game play updates, but a new map itself.


So what I am trying to ask is will event organizers have the ability to organize these types of events on the Scotland course?

They will be able to organise the same kind of events that they can currently organise. They won’t be able to remove people from the events if certain criteria is met.

Ah. So it is still a manual thing.

Yup elimination races (and other race styles) have been asked for plenty of times. Would be great.


i hope they laser scan all of the pot holes and blind 90 degree corners into oncoming countryside traffic so we can have a real elimination race


Was there a massive debate and referendum among the Zwift staff about whether to just make this an expansion of the other UK maps? :sunglasses:


Good point @Tom_J, the UK now has 3 separate maps.

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It was posted about briefly 17h ago here - This Season on Zwift [December 2022]

Not many details yet though

There’s an existing feature request for this. I would absolutely love to see this happen, but feature request has been around for years, and no action yet so maybe don’t hold your breathe :wink:

I would go one step further - just link all the world into one. I don’t understand the need for separate “worlds” at all. Can you imagine the poosibilities if you could (a) define custom routes and (b) free-ride across all worlds in one ride? It would much better replicate the kind of riding you can do in the real world when you set out. Honestly, this is the number one change I’d like to see on zwift, just creating a large “open world”, like you get in many computer games these days :slight_smile:


That post wasn’t up seventeen hours ago though, it was only made public a few hours ago.

Sometimes we see this from Zwift staff posts. Presumably they get it ready and post it in a “hidden” state, then later on make it visible. And it retains its original post date/time. Occasionally we’ve seen Zwift staff posts appear that are already a couple of days or so old.

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That sounds very… Zwift :rofl:



Yes and they’re preparing for an independent Scotland


Here’s hoping for wee coos, a road blocked by sheep, and Clanadonia playing Ya Bassa somewhere!

Zwift’s press release about the e-world championship 3 weeks ago gives a bit of an indication as to what we can expect of these roads.

The Punch (one men’s and one women’s race) will see the 100 riders of each gender at the start a 13.8km race over rolling terrain. This first race will be crucial, as only the top 30 will qualify for the next race, with the rest being eliminated from the competition.

The second race will see the remaining 30 riders (both male and female) start The Climb. Also in a short format, The Climb will consist of hill repetitions on a specially designed hill climb, with a total length of 8.5 km and 162 m of vertical gain. Only the top 10 finishers of both categories will advance to the next stage, The Podium.

The Podium will take place on the last of the three new circuits containing short, challenging climbs, and will see riders fighting for position, as one rider is eliminated through each archway until three riders remain. These riders will then battle it out to the finish in a bid to win the title of UCI World Champion.

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We will have an English & Scottish map, when will get a Welsh map?

Devils staircase, Devils elbow, Tumble, Stwlan dam, heartbreak hill Tenby etc


Despite what appears to be a common theme, I like the sound on! Bring that title music!
Except for the bells in Milkommen on the Epic KOM. I thought it was my trainer or my brain hearing things for the longest time until I turned up the volume… :sweat_smile:
They are annoying bells too… ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
But other than that, the experience just doesn’t feel right without sound!