Scosche Rhythm+ HRM

My Samsung Galaxy S8 (Verizon) found the Rhythm+ in the Zwift pairing screen, and the color on the HRM changed indicated a BLE connection, but the Zwift app said “No Signal” and would not read any HR data.

This was in run mode.  My Stryd footpod paired fine and did not drop at all during my entire session.

I assume this is one of the issues specifically called out in the release notes, but I figured it could be helpful to have a specific device combination to troubleshoot.

FWIW, the ant+ on my Garmin 920XT picked up the HR no problem (as well as the Stryd).

Moto Droid Force Base the same issue. Scosche Rhythm+ is found but no signal is received. Wahoo phone app picks up the signal just fine on BT. Milestonepod works just fine also. Just a Scosche issue.

Has there been any progress on this? I have the same issue with a Scosche Rhythm24 and Pixel 2. It apparently pairs but then reports “no signal”. Other than that, my experience with the beta (in running mode) has been perfect.