Schwinn IC3

Hi everybody.

I’m rookie in Zwift… I’m using a Schwinn IC3 with two sensors, cadence and speed and I plan move my Garmin vector 3 from my bike to my Schwinn.
Somebody can help me… what wheel size is it most suitable for this indoor bike?

You won’t need to worry about wheel size if you are using a power meter.


I recalled reading that speed sensors don’t really work on spin bikes and found this on Wahoo’s site:

“While the RPM Cadence sensor can be used with any spin bike using a compatible mounting option, the RPM Speed sensor is mostly not compatible with spin bikes. The RPM Speed Sensor is designed to mount on the hub of a bicycle wheel. It measures the rotational speed of the wheel and multiplies it by the wheel size to determine speed. For these reasons, RPM Speed Sensor use with spin bikes is not recommended or supported.”

It’s my understanding that spin bike weighted flywheels don’t work the same way as bike wheels and you can’t make up for that by specifying size so any data you get won’t be accurate. For accuracy on Zwift with a spin bike you need to use power meter pedals (such as Assioma Favero Uno or Duo). It’s an extra cost but it was is required. Otherwise you can just use the cadence sensor alone and use Zpower (if accuracy isn’t a main concern).