Scary face on back of head in 1st person view

Frequently see disturbing scary / evil faces in the back of heads when approaching / close to other riders in 1st person view. Happens on every group WO. See attached screenshot. Apparently not new, saw earlier reports of this from 2017.


that is terrifying. i will stay away from first person view!

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You are literally inside that person’s head. It’s a frightening glitch in the matrix. It would be great if Zwift HQ could fix it. I prefer riding in 1st person view, but don’t do so on big group rides cause of the scary heads.


lol you made my day

Being inside an avatar’s head for a split second is a bit unnerving, but it bothers me less and less.

What still freaks me out is the avatar’s eyes when you’re lined up for a race/group ride to start. Zwift should really force all the avatars to wear sunglasses.

I have seen this also, during todays BMTR group ride. As a product manager for software this looks purposeful to me. Why would they do this and continue to allow it?

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