Prevent Rendering Inside of People's Head When Passing

Not a showstopper issue but the situation is a bit freaky and scary as you can see inside of a skull of other cyclists when they pass directly “through” you from behind, and in real world that will not happen.

When this happens, you briefly see a rendering of the behind the skin and eyeballs of another cyclist. This happens quite a bit when there is a huge group of riders huddled together.

This situation may be avoidable if the algo can make sure that there is no direct collision of two cyclists.

I think they’re trying to simulate a rider looking back when you get too close to them. But the faces are awfully creepy. Zwift should get rid of that.

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I don’t think they are trying to simulate anything, they are just removing layers of the avatar you are riding through starting from behind as you get closer. I’d like to use the first-person view (the 3 key) especially when just riding along but this one makes it just too disgusting every now and then. (At least this is fortunately not an issue with other views in my experience.)


Fortunately the render seems to start at the bottom of the esophagus and not … lower so we need to be thankful for small things. That said, I wouldn’t mind in the least if that got changed. After they implement race entry category enforcement. And get rid of sticky draft. And suspend sandbaggers. And…


I am working in radiology software so, I am hoping that I do not have to see an MRI scan like situation while I am enjoying riding after work :sweat_smile:

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Still, the esophagus being shown as the very first thing after removing the outer layer makes me think I’m watching a colonoscopy.

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Wait until you get the wrong camera with the cows in Yorkshire! :scream::joy:


One of the HERD leads on last Friday said that this may be addressed in the next release which they already are testing. He said that there will be better drafting experience in the next version coming along with having the fix for two riders merging on top.