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(Bruce Law UCI 66) #1

I noticed over the last couple of rides that when in POV view (Command-3) that if I run through a cyclist from behind that is standing, I see a face for a split second.

Is that in the coding, or am I seeing things?

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #2

yeah lack of collision code - I too have been “inside” someone else’s head and for several seconds. I could see their eye balls from the inside of their head.  = )

Not intentional coding I’m sure, but rather lack of - likely to keep code faster. Collisions aren’t really needed with each player as we really don’t want to run into each other. With so many players code speed is of utmost importance and clipping to eliminate certain vantage points would slow the code.  That extra speed best spent elsewhere.


(Bruce Law UCI 66) #3

Phew, I’m not going crazy!