Fix graphics showing inside of other riders' heads

I ride using view 3, and often see the inside of other riders’ heads. Sometimes I’ll go an entire ride without seeing it, but sometimes (like today, Innsbruck with 5000+ riders, climbing) I can see it many times during the course of a ride. It’s hard to capture in a screenshot, but the attachment gives an idea. It doesn’t affect the ride, but fixing it or masking it somehow would be a big improvement.

Well caught @Matt_McNeil I’ve seen this a few times and to me, they look like angry riders, I’ve been wondering what I was doing to get them.

wow, I never saw this.
But I never ride in view 3 :smiley:

Swift Zwift tip: If you want to ride uphill in Innsbruck and don’t want a crowded ride, ride the CCW Uphill :wink: