More expansive rider view showing drafting riders and riders about to attack

(Christopher Pallotta) #1

It would be helpful to have a rider view similar to the default one, but further back to show riders that are drafting or about to attack.

In real life, you can keep a check on riders behind you with a quick look. Zwift just shows you the names and distances of people behind you. There is a view that shows you nearby riders, but it just shows where you’ve been, not where you’re going.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #2

Yeah I’ve been musing about the ‘perfect view’ and I think it’s a little further back so you can at least see the one rider behind you, and a little higher so you have better perception of the distance to the rider in front of you.

(John Greig) #3

+1 sorry I just started another thread on this because I didn’t see this one.

(Francois Poirier) #4

I feel having the camera further back could decrease the sense of speed you feel. Maybe a flashing icon like an exclamation mark could warn you when someone is making a move. Not a perfect idea as it might be tough to figure out the conditions in which you want to display it. Just throwing something out there.

(Christopher Pallotta) #5

Yeah, I also have mixed feelings about the view being too far back. Ironically, even though I’m the original poster for this, my favorite view is the one that eschews my bike completely (#3, I believe). It feels more realistic and involving. Nonetheless, not having a good “feel” for what’s going on behind is still an issue. 

I find myself watching the “meters behind” info fields of the riders behind me to check if they’re going to attack. It works, but it’s more like riding a calculator than riding a bike. 

Maybe a smaller picture-in-picture view can pop up showing rider setups when things get competitive? This could be a simple graphic using icons for maximum readability and reduced distraction. 

(Christopher Pallotta) #6

Also, I like your flashing exclamation point if someone is attacking. Good idea.