First person view: looking behind

I mostly use the first person view when riding as I find it more immersive.

During group rides, I often would like to see who’s immediately behind me. It would be great to have a dedicated button in the companion app to quickly glance behind, over one’s shoulder (with a simulation of the head movement, that would be great!) on either L or R side.

Sure, I can see the riders list on the right, but I don’t find it precise enough to understand e.g. if someone is drafting behind me, or farther away.

The bubbles at the bottom of the screen are also not very useful (mostly obscured by the power graph, and sometimes a bit buggy).

And, I’m too lazy to switch through all the camera modes just to get that info.

I have seen in 2016/2017 posts that this option was “on the radar”, but it does not seem to have made it to zwift.

Another option would be to have a “rearview mirror” inset somewhere, but that would be less realistic.

Some cyclists actually ride on the road outside with rearview mirrors.

I wouldn’t worry about that. We have power ups, under-ocean tunnels, sky roads, and a light-up bike. Realism isn’t high on the must-have list. :smiley:

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I agree this would be very useful. Not hoping though. Most of the changes in zwift seem to be fixing one thing and breaking two in the process :).

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