A "real" look-behind to see who is coming up

When I’m on the road, I’m always checking my 6!  I’d like to push a button and have the display briefly look behind you so you can see who is coming up and how far back they are.  Maybe a click for a brief auto look or a button press for a backward look and back to normal on button release.

If you have a keyboard in front of you, hit the 6 key to get the rear view camera. On iOS or in the companion app, you can cycle through the cameras. 

I don’t have the keyboard within reach and cycling through all the views is a pain… especially if you click just one too many because of the delay.  ;-)  Just would be nice to have a toggle between the two views.  Even better if your “view” swung around like you were actually looking back.

Yeah. It’s always a balance between having lots of options and keeping the interface clean and simple. 

Most of the time I select the ‘6’ view.
25% of the time the ‘3’ view.
I like ‘7’ + ‘0’.

As a software developer myself, I appreciate the need for a clean interface.  What about us being able to customize the buttons on the app?  I’d gladly trade the wave or the bell for a look behind.  You could let people pick which buttons they want and which ones they don’t.

My suggestion is to create a feature request and ask other so upvote it. 

There is already an existing feature request that is “Planned”, and Eric Chon said “It’s on our radar :)”