Quick Rear View

It’s a pain in the backside to use the companion app and rotate through the views in order to see behind you.

Can we have a button on the app for a ‘quick view’ behind you? Maybe press it and the rear view is used for a couple of seconds before returning to your normal view.

Heck, get the animation development team involved too and actually have the avatar check over their shoulder.

You can use the Keyboard number keys 1-9

or the action bar.


A lot of people i guess use only zca to manipulate the ride. Should we buy some special table, remote mouse and keyboard? Main functionality should be available in zca.


Exactly that. I have an expensive laptop that is about 6 feet from the bike as I don’t want to drip all over it. I have the phone with ZCA on a little shelf within reach.
A simple button on the app, like the elbow flick/ bell/ “nice” etc, would fulfill the requirement.

Why not get a usb numpad or keyboard and put it in front of you. It will make Zwifting so much more fun.