A keystroke that goes "back to me".

This was already requested, but now that we have large numbers of riders of Zwift it has become the number one need that I feel I have while riding. It was really tough to get back to my own view today with all of the bouncing around in the rider list. We need a quick one-key solution that will just automatically go back to normal camera 1 view of our own avatar.

  • , also a button in the mobile app.

Even if it was to go back to our own image after 5 or 10 seconds, that would be enough.


bump to see if this will be “planned”

The “Home” key seems like a good option for this.

Also, make it go back to the same view that was originally used.

Right now, it always goes back to the main 3rd person view (#1 on keyboard).

So we have to set it each time if we prefer a different default view.

2.5 years later and still in need of this…