Zwift Play look-behind toggle

When using the button on the controllers to look behind during events/races, I usually only want a quick glance, especially if I’m trying to watch for attacks ahead of me or keep the draft. At the moment it changes to rear view for around 5 seconds(?) and I have to wait until it changes back.

Can’t see this suggested anywhere, but I would like the button to act as a toggle to immediately switch between front and rear view on demand, but still keep the timeout to return to front view after x seconds if the button isn’t pressed.

Yes, 5 seconds feels like an age.

While zwift is at it add a toggle so that you can has it as rear view for rides and not U turn in freeride

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I would love a robo pacer view that was either third person ( if the bot is ahead ) or rear facing ( if they are behind by say 3m)

I added a topic like this to be abble moving the camera with zwift play buttons. Please vote.