Play Controls - Rear View Always Available

I really like the down button on the Play Controls showing a quick view of who is behind you in certain events. Question is, why not make that available in all rides? I try to use it all the time regardless whether it’s a group ride, group workout, freeride, whatever. You could continue to use the long-press for u-turns and short click for rearview on everything without giving up anything because the short click on the down arrow has no function except the rear view in certain events.

100% this.

I actually think it’s one of the best features of the plays. Shame to only limit to races.

Like @Steve_Ricketts_Dirt said, tap to rear view, long press for U-turn. Or even remove U-turn or a allow user config. I literally never do a u-turn

I agree with this 100%, would love for short press to be the quick peek back and long press stay as U turn.

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