"Back At Ya" Button for Ride Ons

I’d like to have a keyboard button I could mash in ANY mode (Workout, Free ride, Group, Race, etc) that allows me to quickly and easily give a Ride On back to someone who’s just given one to me. Ideally you would re-purpose the fairly useless F3 button.

Furthermore, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE increase the timeout on the right side rider list for the Ride On thumbs up icons! I can NEVER get my mouse pointer over the icon in time before it disappears. Ever! Same for the Actions Menu after I press the Up Arrow. The thing disappears way too quickly.

I hear ya! By the time I’ve picked out the mouse pointer amongst the busy moving background, the thumb has often gone. Some pretty bad UX there, especially for anyone with vision or motor skills problems, but I hope it’ll be one of the things fixed in the improved UI.

Well said Dave! I have exactly the same issue!

Also, a simpler way to just give a ride on to a nearby rider would be great.

I find it awkward trying to use the keyboard/mouse while riding. Unfortunately, using companion app and keeping pace at the same time is definitely not within my capabilities… …But that’s my problem. I put it down to age (too old to be used to a smart phone), gender (inability to multi-task), lack of dexterity (fat fingers) and needing to put on my reading glasses.

Texting/chatting while riding is a pipe dream!