Use keyboard shortcuts on Zwift

It is not very easy to use your PC keyboard while riding on Zwift. Often your keyboard is out of reach.
Would it be nice to use your phone, attached on your bike or close at hand, to activate the keyboard shortcuts on Zwift. e.g. changing camera angles and making screenshots.
I discovered that apps which can remotely take over your PC often have a build in keyboard.
I installed the free app RemotePC by IDrive on my android phone and on my Windows PC.
Using the keyboard letters and numbers worked fine on Zwift. You can even change the keyboard in a F1…F12 setup so making a screenshot is also a piece of cake.
Open up your Zwift companion app and RemotePC app on your phone and your good to go.

Ride on

But the Zwift Companion App can do that without remoting into your PC using a different app

As long as your phone and the computer are using the same router (trying to simplify this) the should be able to connect on your local LAN and then you can control Zwift with the ZCA.

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Regarding functions which are not available in ZAC, google zwifthack website, hope you can find there what you want :wink:

Is it possible to change the camera view inside ZCA or make a screenshot

Yep and I have done it many times.

I think it is time for me to look into ZCA more closer thx

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