Goonie face when passing

Has anyone ever noticed that when riding with the #3 view, sometimes when you pass another rider closely, you see a face in the back of their head? It is kind of off-putting, and almost even scary, like the scrunched up face of the doll from the Chucky child’s play movie. How can I make that stop?

Quick answer - use any other camera angle.

This only shows up when in first person view. And yes it is quite a shock the first time someone sees it. It’s the main reason I stick with the default view, that and being able to have a little view if someone is trying to pass me during a race so I can respond if necessary.


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Or the orbital view.

This happens because the “camera” used to determine what you see goes inside one of the riders, and you’re seeing inside. Of course, they are hollow so you see the back of their face…

And there I was thinking it was only me with what i nicknamed “Voldemort Syndrome”. :joy:

It’s definitely Chucky though…

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I never saw that before! Helicopter view?

Drone cam, drop at just the right angle and distance as others come past (easiest in a group ride) and it’s pretty easy to get inside their bodies. :laughing: