Scary faces?

Rode the ZSUN Back to Basics Ride last evening – saw faces as I rode in group. Any idea what they are?

I thought I saw this too, for a fraction of a second. I think others have seen it. Perhaps the programmmers are bored…

I have seen these from day 1, now having been on Zwift for about 1.5 years. This is what I THINK is going on. For me, it always happens when my avatar is in a bunch or very close to other avatars, for example when I am passing them. At the moment of wedging past another avatar, the graphics do not quite keep up, and essentially the scary face is a rendering of the head and eyes of the avatar you are passing but without the hair and back of the head. I think it is a bug of sorts, in that, instead of just passing the back of an avatar’s head, the back of the head momentarily disappears leaving only the front of the head that you are looking through as you pass. It is very freaky. I would guess that folks such as me that do not have the highest powered graphics engines suffer from this the most.

OK, glad to see this is not just me :slight_smile: Just had it happen to me and I watch on a 46 inch TV so it really scared the crap out of me. For a minute it made me think I was in a Channel Zero episode. Completely threw me out of my zone and it took me a few minutes to shake it off, the weird part about it is that the face looks directly at the rider for a second or two. Also thought it could be a remnant of a Halloween joke LOL

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