SB20 ERG Mode not initialising

Hello all,
Might be a wild stab in the dark as there are many smart trainers out there but tonight my Stages SB20 just wouldn’t go into ERG Mode so I couldn’t do my training plan. No updates as far as I.know.

Is the trainer paired for Resistance on the pairing screen? That’s required for ERG mode.

You could also try doing an ERG mode workout in the Stages Cycling app to see if the problem is replicated there.

If it’s something else, you might want to post on the StagesBike SB20 Owners Group on Facebook where there is a concentration of people familiar with the bike.

If you got the bike from Saddleback in the UK or one of the distributors in Europe, you may be able to get support from them as well. If you’re in the US, well there is basically no support at all since the company is near death with almost no support staff.

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Thanks Paul, good idea about Stages App, will try that if it too fails, then contact Saddleback who I bought the bike from last April. Not on Facebook I’m afraid.