Stages s20 bike

Just purchased the Stages S20 bike Nice bike of kit (top tip if collecting take 2 people 75kg) I digress i have found that when doing a ERG session that the bike sticks rigidly to the power set and you have no ability to use the gears you want on the bike to spin rather than push, it is only in ERG mode.
Has anyone had this issue of am i maybe having issues with dual bluetooth


I don’t have that bike, but that like that is just how ERG work, if you want to have higher cadence then you just pedal faster and the resistance should decrease as the cadence increase. It can be hard if you are already at low cadence before a hard block.

Hi thanks but alas no when you are using the specific app for Stages, it as if it has locked until the ERG session has been completed and then you get the gears back, i am hoping a 1 off and perhaps a bluetooth issue thanks

That’s just how erg works if you want to spin faster you just need to pedal more and the bikes resistance will back off to match the same power. If your about to hit a large jump in effort I find it better to spin up to a high 100-110rpm then as it changes the resistance you can settle back down. If your on a low rpm and it changes target wattage it’s very hard to keep going, I got caught out tonight was only jumping to 330watts but I wasn’t paying attention and was like hitting a wall and changing gear doesn’t really make any difference

That’s exactly how it works. Since ERG mode is designed to automate the resistance changes for you to match the target Wattage for whatever your current Cadence is, changing gears during ERG mode interferes with the bike/trainer’s ability to regulate the resistance correctly. As a result of this bike’s with virtual gears disable the gear option while they are in ERG mode, and we strongly encourage riders with physical gears to not shift either. In short, in ERG mode if you want less resistance pedal faster, and if you want more resistance pedal slower.

Hi Paul,
I own a SB20 as well - and yes, pretty cool bike. As already written: in ERG mode the power is controlled. However, one source of mistake may still exist: on the Stages-App, you have 4 different modes to select. When using Zwift, the setting should be “external”. This holds true in any case in which the Zwift-pairing sets the bike as “Controllable”. In this case, the bike gets controlled via Zwift, this includes also the ERG-mode for workouts in Zwift.
Since during Zwift-Events no workout can be selected, I deselect “Controllable” from the Zwift-pairing and set on the Stages-App “Erg.”. Then I choose the power I’d like to ride; this is helpful to enforce e.g. endurance or recovery rides - drawback is: on slopes, hills, descents: you may get dropped from the draft, since you are fixed to your power-setting…
Hope this helps.

Hi thanks that was useful, been used to a bike on tacx flux which was very stable with power and you choose your own gearing to suit the ERG power which I prefer as I spin over 100 rpm rather than push. biggest shock for me was the weight and stiffness of the bike. so heavy and i have been producing extra 150 watts of power due to the stiffness of the bike