ERG mode troubles

Hello all, been using Zwift for 3 years via Kickr V5. ]
Also used Wattbike, ICG7, Assioma power pedals on real bike (outside) for data.

Something I don’t understand is that when riding with ERG mode ON in a flattish group workout, a 3 minute interval at e.g 280 watts becomes progressively harder whereby my cadence drops from 85 rpm in 52/15 gear to 50 rpm in 36/30 and I can barely turn the pedals.

If I race a Crit, obviously ERG OFF, 280 watts for 20 minutes is achievable…very hard for me, but rarely have to change gears and can always turn the pedals.

The only way out of this is to switch ERG off during workouts which defeats the object of the exercise.

Could someone bring me up to speed on this (please forgive the pun).

Regards Philip

You shouldn’t change gears in erg mode and is likely the reason it gets harder and harder for you.

when you change gear the power you’re putting out will suddenly drop and so erg mode will increase the resistance to compensate. you need to hold your cadence steady and let erg mode settle or spin faster if you can’t do that and the resistance will decrease as a result.

it is usually the case that most trainers are better at erg mode in smaller gears - go for the small ring up front and something that makes the chain as straight as possible on the back. It should be more stable in that set up.

Thank you, I will give this a try.

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It takes a little while to get used to erg mode as it is very natural to want to change gears when it gets harder to pedal.

But keep it in a small gear for the whole workout and try and soon a bit quicker if things get harder and it should sort itself out to a steady resistance

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