Saving a ride saves another world photo

After saving a ride the photo that is saved is from another world.

ie. Rode Richmond flat course and the photo that was saved was from New York.

Running Zwift on Apple TV.

Did you, by chance, do a ride in NY first, and then move to another ride/event in Richmond without actually leaving the game? (e.g. by using the ‘Join Event’ button)

No Nigel I opened Zwift as a new login and selected Richmond. Didn’t move to or from any other event. Did however ride New York (that was the photo} the previous day but rode Watopia after that not shutting Zwift down though in between NY & Watopia. All those rides were as a new login. What I did notice though was when saving the Watopia ride after NY and only logging in without closing Zwift was there was no no distance or watts on the summary pages, but it did show those values in the activities in the companion app after saving.

If you are referring to your activity from Oct 11, that is definitely a shot from Richmond. It may seem like NY, because of the ramps/overpasses, but those are just actual roads (which you can’t ride on) and train tracks. This shot isn’t from a part of the course you went past on your ride, as it’s closer to the Libby Hill section, but it is Richmond.