Latest PC update - Rides not saved

Rode 25 miles this morning … saved the ride (or so I thought) then nothing

Just tested a short 0.2 miles ride … saved it … nothing

That second ride is too short. You need to ride at least 2km for Zwift to save it.


Thanks for the reply …

just tried that and it was a NOPE!

nothing saved again

Quick question from something similar I just noticed.
Did you save ride on PC or Laptop and then go to Activities on CA (in my case on IPad) to look for ride details to find it missing there?

If so I found my two rides from today missing but when I selected the “Feed” option as opposed to the “Just Me” option they appeared on the screen and then remained there when I reverted back to the “Just Me” option.

Thank you for you reply Ian

I’m not sure what you mean by “CA”?
or how to adjust the setting you mentioned

Interestingly I did notice that my rider level had progressed and the tears of sweat had increased too

Apologies my fault I have taken to calling the Zwift Companion app just Companion app and mistakenly shortened to CA when I should have written ZC.
So I ride connected to a laptop but whether I ride with my ZC open or not (lots of little extra user benefits to riding with ZC open) once I have finished the ride and closed laptop down I go inside house and look at some details of my saved ride on the ‘Activities’ section on the ZC. It is on this ‘Activities’ section where I observed my own rides of yesterday did not initially appear, although they always did previously, until I clicked on the ‘Feed’ link.

Through the ZC I am able to look at other riders activity and can see that yours shows your ride of 14th Feb but does not yet show your morning ride from yesterday. You obviously are able to see your previous rides but your original posts only says you can’t see the one from yesterday. On your post you say you saved ride then nothing but don’t say how you normally look at the ride information. I look at mine on ZA and automatically, and wrongly!, assumed you were doing the same when I outlined one possible solution.

Hope ZC link below help.

Using the Zwift Companion App

Thanks for your note Ian

I did three rides yesterday … 25, 0.2m and then 1.8miles … none saved

There’s clearly an issue … I’ve just ridden 10 miles this morning … it’s tripped me over from Level 17 to Level 18 participant … sadly no activity showing again

I’ve adjusted private / followers / public and it’s set to public

I’d sooner spend my money on something that works and tracks your activities than something where there going to be on going issues

I guess you live and learn with these things

I’ve reinstalled the software from scratch (deleted then downloaded from their website… and now … quite remarkably it’s now showing activity as I tested it with a short 3 mile ride

Still doesn’t alter the fact my trust in the product Zwift offer has been diminished


Pleased you have resolved.
I myself have not tried any other platforms. I must say at my age I find IT and modern technology very frustrating when it goes wrong but work on the basis I would prefer to stay with the system I do know even if it is going to fail me every now and then. I feel learning a new system is more time consuming than correcting the one I’m using.
People on this Zwift Forum are very knowledgeable and helpful and can usually sort it out for you very quickly.

Hi @Mark_Crane2 and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you had issues saving some rides yesterday. I do see your ride from today (3.4 miles) and a 20.3 mile ride on 2/14, but not the other ones you are describing above. Usually this is caused by a network drop or some sort of issue with your wifi. There are a few things you can do to try and remedy this.

Depending on what system you use for Zwift, PC, iPhone, Apple TV, etc… you can check a log file using the website and it can show if you had any network issues. Locating Log Files

One clue that you are not connected to the network during your ride is that all other riders will disappear and you will be all alone in the world, the Zwifters nearby list on the right hand of the screen will only display you and no one else. If you aren’t connected at the time of saving your ride it will not make it to Zwift’s servers obviously and will be lost.

It might be worth also restarting your network modem and wifi equipment and making sure you have a strong signal where you ride.

Hope this helps!