Save to cloud icon?

Hey fellow Zwifters !

I just finished a ZA group workout and I noticed an icon on the top left corner of the Ride Report at the end of the workout, which looks like a “save to cloud” icon. Clicking on it changes its color to orange, but I have no idea what it does ! Any idea ?

PS: Sorry, I can’t post an image, since Zwift’s forums won’t let me :rage: (“Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”)

I dont pay attention to that screen so probably cant help with that but send the pic to me on zwiftposts @ and I’ll post it up?

I think that is to manually upload the fit file to a 3rd party site like Strava if you don’t have it set up to automatically upload.

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Everyday is a school day!

Here is the pic:

Had to click a “Request Access” button.

Sorry, forgot to change the permissions to “public” !

@Mike_Rowe1 ?

I’ve never noticed that one before, I thought the OP was referring to a similar icon on the save ride/upload screen shot screen after the ride report.

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Yep it seems to only appear on group workout or events. And I also get the final ride save/upload screen after this one.

I noticed the upload to Strava did not contain a screenshot like it usually does (i’ve set it up to automatically upload screenshots to third-party sites in the Zwift settings), so maybe you have to click on this icon (make it orange) to trigger the screenshot upload ? I don’t really see the point of this…

This is a bug @Cedric_Lienart

OK, so manual (F10) screenshots are not uploaded, but automatic ones do get uploaded.

Any idea then what this icon does ?

Sorry I don’t.