Picture upload

Pictures from completed Zwift rides are not uploading to Strava, If I choose 5 it uploads 2 or 3, if I upload 2 pics it uploads 1. Sometimes no matter how many I pick it uploads none. Not sure why it is doing this it never did this before and it’s a bit annoying. Any help would be great.

Only those taken with the companion app will upload to Strava.

There’s a bug with F10


I’ll try that, thank you.

Hey Daryl, I don’t know if you know you can manually upload from a PC (I do it sometimes since the F10 glitch.)
On strava edit the ride.
On PC go to pictures - Zwift - pictures should be in the folder with titles by date and time. You can drag and drop onto the picture spot on strava or click the picture upload spot on strava and it will open the folder window and you can go snag them.
Hope that helps.

I’ve been doing that, just a pain. This morning’s ride I only used the companion and all pics uploaded. So it is an F10 issue and I guess I’ll have to do it that way until it gets corrected. Thanks for the help and Ride On!