Saris M2 / Cycleops Magnus Smart Trainer - ERG Mode not working properly

I’m currently using a Saris M2 / Cycleops Magnus Smart Trainer and I’m having real difficulty with ERG Mode.

When I’m in a workout (ERG Mode) and the wattage/output target either increases or decreases, I’m making sure I hold a steady cadence, but the resistance and difficulty on the trainer does not go up or down accordingly - it just doesn’t change.

I’m definitely in ERG Mode, running latest firmware, correct tyre pressure etc. and I just can’t understand what the fault is??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried erg mode in any other training software like whatever came with the trainer?

Tried the ERG mode setting built in to the Saris app and to be fair it performed much better, as I expected ERG mode to behave which tells me there’s an issue with how it interfaces with Zwift…

Seen lots of posts about this, but no concrete responses or answers as to how it can be fixed

Hey Tom, did you figure this out? I’ve got a saris m2 too and am having the same issue.

So it turned out the yellow torque knob was defective and the ratchet/clutch setting (when it clicks) meant the roller was exerting way too much force on the rear wheel.

I ended up returning the trainer for a refund and opted to get a KICKR Core instead.

The only advice I can give is don’t tighten the roller past a couple of turns once it make contact with the rear wheel.

Hope that helps.