Sandbagger Squeak

I’d like to request that sandbaggers, once identified, get a mystery squeak coming from their bike, possibly the bottom bracket but we can’t be sure, audible only to them, for a month after their sandbaggery is discovered. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is too funny. You really made me laugh.

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Although you would have to be able to tell whether it was intentional, that would be funny, especially if you couldn’t turn the volume off.

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Oh yeah, it can’t be turned off. And it mostly matches their cadence, but not perfectly, and sometimes goes away completely for 4 or 5 seconds.


This feature has already been designed


Bike noises are far worse than bird noises :laughing:

Increase resistance for them as well to go along with the squeaking and terrible drivetrain noises


How about making wear a brown paperbag over their head to remain mysterious (doubt so) :rofl:


@Tom_J I love the creativity of your feature requests! This one as well - just as you phrased it!

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…and make their bike a generic e-bike, regardless of which bike they selected in their garage. :smiling_imp:

This is kinda reminding me of an episode of “Halt and Catch Fire”: in the virtual swap meet if you scammed someone, your avatar had to walk around headless as a sign you weren’t trustworthy.

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Perhaps you could render them dragging a large sand bag (with or without the extra weight and rolling resistance simulated)…

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i guess if they did it more than once after they recieved the upg warning, then you would know they were sandbagging

that too