That’s what we expected to happen Chris, the organisers didn’t want to know & blamed Zwift for not enforcing it.
I’m starting to pull away from the racing as there’s no even platform, just inflated ego’s winning at all cost…

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ZRL’s sandbag central; sad but true.


In the old zwiftpower days I proposed that anyone who completed 50% of a race should be included in the formula for ranking purposes as currently it only takes finishers not starters as it’s feed.

While this won’t prevent the issue you highlighted it would at least make the race result more palatable knowing they had contributed to the field strength etc

Only the top 10 finishers contribute to field strength in most cases anyway.

Thats incorrect read the explanation on the site.

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Yes. Race Quality is determined by 0.9 * (average rating of the best 5 in top 10).
But points per place includes ratings of all finishers. Both are used to determine the ranking points each rider gets.

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He is just a very sad individual

Would have to be to eat all the chocolate :rofl:

There is always gonna be the individuals who cheat and exploit games. Its there in all online computer games, and yes zwift is an online game more than anything else. Some games get overran by ■■■■ like that and become toxic. Others manage to contain it to a level where its bearable. There is no game that does better than that. The last mile really needs to be handled by the players own thick skin and “dont care attitude”.

I personally think that the Cat Enforcement has improved things ALOT in Zwift. Majority of the “out of cat” racers seen are simply because of the fact that they havent ridden indoors for months. I also think that we see much less of that we are in indoors high season.

So what Im saying is that you for sure will keep seeing guys like you describe that are gaming the system. But there is no perfect system so we just need to ignore and move on if its infrequent enough. If its more frequent we need keep pushing the issues of improving CE and other mechanisms.

I personally think the CE system needs better visualization but once that is in place I think its good enough and I hope the devs move on to more fun features (like more race types).


CE is dead they have already stated they are not making improvements. Ranking is the future.

personally i was a big fan of CE when it came out on the expectation it would be improved with must have changes like custom pen boundaries.

What we have now is good only for the pen enforcement. The CE part (power/cat calculation) is in my view worse than zp cats given the amount of unknowns we have and constant questions from the community of why this cat we would of been better sticking to zp cats & pen enforcement (like everyone was expecting) with custom boundaries.

I can’t say it enough for custom boundaries fixes so many issues but Zwift have discounted doing this in CE in favour of ranking. I am of of the view that it would massively help the transition to ranking as well balance riders before ranking comes.
Hopefully that ranking comes in the next couple months while it’s still peak season or we’ll have just wasted another year.

  • for game modes as well. would really good to see different game modes and in game points display

Completely agree. Pen enforcement has hugely improved the experience.

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Can you elaborate with “CE is dead… Ranking is the future”.

Is that your opinion or is that something that ZHQ has said? Do you have any links to share in that case because if so Id like to read up on it. Because I agree that result based ranking is a actually a great option and I like what I see from but thats nothing official.

Does quitting a race early actually achieve the desired effect with CE enforcement in place? I thought Zwift was taking all efforts into account, not just completed races.

Check out this thread, Flint admits he doesn’t really spend time on CE anymore and all effort is going into a ranking system with custom pens.


they won’t be changing any CE parameters in the foreseeable future. so i’m told

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Gordon has been heavily involved in the discussion around CE and rankings since forever. He’s also very involved in the racing community as an organizer. Basically a ton of knowledge and experience. What he says carries weight.

Thanks for the link.

I really don’t read that as Dead. But we might define that differently. Dead imho is somehow futureworks but zwift decide to not productionalize it.

Saying impl is done and moving to next feature doesn’t mean dead, rather released.

well maybe not dead but they are not doing any more work on it other than some better comms and possible tweaks to limits that they don’t like telling anyone about.

Changes to it that would bring real benefit like custom boundaries and fixing the wattage floors i assume have been permanently put on hold in favour of ranking work

I’ve been keeping my eye on the Zwift Rankings ( ) site to see how well it works. so far it looks great, I don’t see any glaring issues with it. That said, there will always be ways to game a system so I’m interested to see how that develops. As I understand it, this is a similar system to what Zwift will be bringing in.

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@RC_Ivany has big hole in it, look at my Profile over there. if you do back to back races it very Bad.