San Francisco Map

Would love to see a map of San Francisco as one of the routes - the topography is excellent with views, challenging hills, etc… 

I may be in the minority, but I for one have zero interest in any more large city type routes … i.e. London.  Looking at CGI buildings holds my interest for about 20 seconds then I am done with it.

I think Zwift had the formula right with Watopia (tropical island with a fantasy type feel to it) and I hope they continue to expand in that direction.  

I just have no interest in riding around city streets on Zwift or in real life.  I am sure others disagree, but just my opinion.  

Seems most cyclist I know that live in big cities take their bikes outside the city to ride, not the other way around.

As it is now I avoid Zwift on London days and if we see another city made into a Zwift terrain I am done with Zwift.

I tend to avoid the Richmond Course for not dissimilar reasons. However, at least London does have a varied range of routes and landmarks, and of course a good facsimile of Box Hill.  On the whole I prefer to see more routes added to Watopia and perhaps an above-ultra level graphics pack would be nice :)