Why not more Routes??

I will like to see more routes, like in France, Italy and why not New York 9W to Bear Mountain, that will be very nice, you can choose your favorite place to ride.

The routes in cities are not real routes. In Strava, change the London Loop map to satellite, and you will see the route travelled does not follow roads. It goes through buildings, It’s a fiction.

Please vote up the existing requests like yours so Zwift knows what the users want.

I agree but first Watopia needs greatly expanding. I want Alpe D’huez switch back like climbs and more undulating roads. They need to get on with it as current routes are getting boring.


While we have a lot of course expansions coming, real life routes aren’t necessarily in the the timeline. We have quite a few things coming out that we think you’ll be very happy with! 

We need routes through desert :slight_smile:

The post is answered so thats it. Until someone else asks the same question and repeat…courses comming etc. Zwift to me seems very secretive, why ? Give us somethingvto look forward too. Or is it that you cant be late if no one knows the realease date. I dont want to hear from some sycophant that this work is hard. If it is get a decent team together. Sorry but the lack of real feedback is disappointing.

I don’t think they are secretive, I think they don’t want to disappoint an I do get that. 

There was a podcast with Jon Mayfield where he talked about the subject.


San Francisco route would be a great expansion.Hills water line. The port. What do you guys think?

Re San Francisco. Probably too many buildings / structures. They all take time for the graphics / artwork. I want more rolling country.

I know lots of people want to see more routes, places where we are riding .

I love the volcano climb.  I use this exact ride as it has a perfect 8min warm up.  I believe you designed it this way.  Climb and go.  I like seeing rocks, buildings, birds, snow, the darkening sky.  The surface changes.  Its really good.  

I love the idea of riding the coast of some beautiful country.  Of challenging climbs that really exist.  Could I do Mt. Lemmon?

My son has video games.  I have witnessed the graphics evolve to nearly real.  Even faces.  Skin.  Hair and wind.  Water.  Rain.  Its unbelievable.  But that would mean you’d have to buy a separate Zwift computer with a special video card.  Lets do that.  You go buy a ZwiftBox and with it is all the software.  It comes with a one year subscription, all the specialty routes, and graphics that blow your mind.  

By the water routes.  Through actual or virtual cities with buildings like canyons.  Arches.  Tunnels.  Cobbles.  Monuments.  Gardens.  People.  

Or coastlines.      Or rolling fields and forests.  Or Irish climbs.  Narrow roads and high invisible turns through valleys and by the sea.  

Please stop expanding these boring city routes.  Expand watopia with lots of things. Watopia is great.