Samsung S5A

Hi I’ve just got a Huawei T5 but it keeps crashing,does a Samsung S5A run swift any better

Hi @Simon_Taylor2
After a certain time, the hardware manufacturer and phone carrier stop releasing Android updates, and the Samsung S5A may / may not have received an update to Android v6, which is the minimum supported by Zwift.

You may want to consult the minimum specs on Broadly speaking - Zwift runs better on newer devices, and the more robust graphics capability it has, the better.

My S5A works just fine…but… to get the map to show up Ihave to click the Search for Zwifters icon (magnifying glass around rider) once and then go back to game for the map to display. It is the far upper right icon in Companion. No idea why. My S6 works perfectly except there are so many things I don’t know how to do except ride. :slight_smile: I would like to give Ride Ons but don’t even know how to do that.