Samsung Galaxy S8+ ANT+?

Hi all, started zwifting on my new Galaxy Tab s8+ and connect to my trainer via bluetooth, however my HRM is an ANT+ version. Does the Tab S8+ have ANT+ connectivity built in or do I need to get an adapter?

As far as I know has Samsung ANT+ conectivity build in all tablets.

Try using ANTtester

If you don’t get ANT+ working, inexpensive Bluetooth HRMs work well.

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Samsung withdrew integrated ANT+ support at least a couple of years ago. My S7 and S10+ phones support ANT+ natively, but my Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7+ (over 2.5 years old) do not. As far as i know, nothing else since includes support. Probably a cost elimination exercise combined with modest demand.

It may be possible to get it working with an external dongle and the addition of appropriate software from the Play Store.


ThisIsANT has a directory which you can peruse to see which devices have integrated ANT+ support. I don’t see the Galaxy Tab S8+ on there, I’m afraid.

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It supports BLE only so you need to use an external ANT+ dongle and install the associated drivers.

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