Compatibility issues with Samsung S21 Ultra

Up until now I have been running Zwift on my Samsung Note 10+, casting the screen to a Chromecast plugged into a PC Monitor.

I am using a Kickr Core and my Note 10+ has been able to pick up both BLE & ANT+ signals, of the Kickr Core Power / Cadence signals, as well as my Garmin HRM-Pro

I have recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung S21 Ultra, and it’s not working correctly. I have transferred all the data and apps from my Note 10+ phone to my Samsung S21 Ultra but the S21 wasn’t picking up the Trainer via any ANT+ Signals. I looked at the apps and noticed that the ANT apps hadn’t installed for whatever reason, so I installed them:

ANT Radio Service
ANT USB Service
ANT+ Plugins Service

I have uninstalled and re-installed Zwift, as well as restarted my phone.

Also, while it does pick up the trainer via BLE signal, it has a Power Wattage signal of 0 and also a Cadence of 0 as well.

The only thing I haven’t tried yet is running a USB OTG dongle from my phone, but I don’t understand why the Note 10+ didn’t need this at all, it picked up the ANT+ signals natively, without any extra dongles or cables.

Has anybody experienced this with a new Samsung Galaxy? I have seen a thread that relates to an S20 Ultra, but it hasn’t yet helped me with my issue on an S21 Ultra

I have done some more testing

Using a USB OTG adaptor with ANT+ dongle appeared to work okay for a short time, but then the signal kept dropping. However the signal from my HRM was working okay.

So I put a USB extension cable into the USB OTG adaptor and then the ANT+ dongle into the extension cable so that the sensor is a lot closer to the trainer, this appears to work a lot better with a more stable ANT+ signal

So I will be using this method over the next few days / week and will report back if I have further issues or if it’s stable.

I have the galaxy s21 ultra as well & have been having issues connecting my Garmin HRM to zwift. My Note 10 was able to connect without any problems, but my s21ultra doesn’t pick up the ANT signal at all.
I have all the ANT apps you mentioned here. But still no luck, the samsung tech support is not able to help with this and well. Have gone through bunch of resets already.

Please let me know if you come across a solution.

The S21 doesnt have ANT+ so you’ll have to access your HRM through an an ANT+ receiver (thumb drive or stick) and a USB to USB cable or adaptor. Both are pretty cheap or if you have (or have had) an older Garmin watch you may have the in a drawer somewhere :slight_smile:

S21 Ultra here on Android 11. Total no go with zwift on my Kickr Core.
The Bluetooth indicator in the Companion app just flashes on and off.
It has been like this for months now. The only way to use zwift for me is on an iPhone.