Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 very dark screen


Today I installed the zwift app on my A5, but I can not use it because the screen gets very dark when the game starts.

Any ideas?


Hey @B_remserNr1 do you happen to have a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Here a Screenshot, seems to be dark red.

My screen is the same after I reinstalled the app

Galaxy S7 is the same.

Same here on Xaiomi Mi A2 and Huawei P9

Any update on that? I have Huawei M3 tablet and occurs exactly the same.

Hello, I have this problem, too. Xiaomi MI A1

i have the same but with a tab s2 only since the last update. Zwift seem to be oblivious to the problem???


same issue on the Nexus 5X :frowning:

Today I got it working on my A5 2017. β†’ installed Samsung Game Launcher β†’ add Zwift Game
Now I can use the A5 without the red screen issue :partying_face: