Screen partly black

Starten today The screen in Zwift is partly black, Seems like a camouflage net over The camera… restarting Zwift does not help.

My screen is black as well. All menus are visible and you can see riders named but no pictures.

Hi, having the same problem. I can see the menus and riders near me, but course is blacked out.

I’ve had the same problem.

Can’t see any riders or roads etc.

Screen was completely black for the full ride but had the information boxes only


Hey all, thanks for reporting this. Can someone attach a screenshot of the issue? We didn’t see this in initial testing, so it’s new to us.

I looked at all your accounts, and it looks like you’re all using iPads. If you have an iPhone or PC/Mac you can use instead, try that to see if the issue is only iPad specific.

We’re looking into this further now.

I try to attach a screenshot, but that does 't workshop very Well.  And Yes: I do have an iPad Pro

Using IOS phone…I had a black screen for my entire 1hr ride.   Sound was there and data was there, but could not see road, scenery, myself or any other riders.


Me too. Screenshot attached. On iPad app. 

Just updated and all is ok again 

So we have a pair of iPhones running, the 6 displays the bobble heads just fine today but the 7 displays the black camo.  I sure hope this wasn’t due to an untimely April Fool’s day joke because it just ruined our evening ride–pretty pissed in DC.

Same here, on an iPad Air. Please tell me this isn’t an April fools joke, if it is it was a good one!

Having similar issue, can’t see the environment. 

Should have added this is what I see whether riding or watching like the above screen shot showing I’m watching

After talking with the dev team, this issue was on older game versions and should be solved if you update. Check the app store to make sure you’re on the latest version (1.0.17198).

I just installed Zwift ago. Everything was fine. My iPad updares automatically, so I am not on an older version.

But anyway: today The problem had disappeared again.