Red screen

After I reinstalled my app on Thursday evening I have a red filtered course? And ideas?

same here samsung galaxy tab2

same here Galaxy S7 first time that i install this

Same here.

Snap! Getting a red screen too when using my Samsung Galaxy tab2 but colours fine on my s7 phone…

Same here. I use Android 7 with Huawei T3 10. Any idea?

Same here. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

I have the same on a Xiaomi Mi Max 3. Right before the red screen, it was all black, can’t see the background, my avatar, but I can see the data on the left and right, plus the name balloons above the other riders. Can’t see the riders, but can see their name balloons. :smiley:

Same here. I use a Samsung A7 (2017) smartphone

My screen is also red, android 8.1 :frowning_face:

It’s back to almost completely black again today

I had that at first today and a black screen with no map view

Dame he obtenido Samsung tab s2 with latest update .

are zwift doing anything with this. i’ve raised tickets etc

Not red anymore, but almost entirely black

I just checked again and mine is now all black. I can’t see anything. Seems to be getting worse rather than better =(

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Hey all, looking into this!

Edit: Sorry for the delay guys, our Android team is investigating the sources of the issues.


Seems like it depends on the course, to some degree. On Watopia yesterday I got pitch black, today on New York the red. At least with the red you’re able to see what’s going on. I sent a log and screenshots yesterday, will send today’s results as well.

For me on Samsung Galaxy s8 it flicks between being red and then full colour for no reason. I thought it might be something to do with processor availability / available memory on my phone but it seems that its across the board on all android devices.

Would be great to have it fixed!!!

Fresh install on Android 7.0 today and red screen most of the time. Only the world, not the ui. Sometimes it is correct for a couple seconds but back to red.