Red screen

(Ian Carson) #1

After I reinstalled my app on Thursday evening I have a red filtered course? And ideas?

(D. Verheye) #2

same here samsung galaxy tab2

(Shlomi Y ) #3

same here Galaxy S7 first time that i install this

(David Horn Stw (B)) #4

Same here.

(Ross Barney) #5

Snap! Getting a red screen too when using my Samsung Galaxy tab2 but colours fine on my s7 phone…

(Karsten Raßmann) #6

Same here. I use Android 7 with Huawei T3 10. Any idea?

(Bjarke Rasmussen - RaceWBR A) #7

Same here. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

(Jack Tan) #8

I have the same on a Xiaomi Mi Max 3. Right before the red screen, it was all black, can’t see the background, my avatar, but I can see the data on the left and right, plus the name balloons above the other riders. Can’t see the riders, but can see their name balloons. :smiley:

(Roche Kilian (Paracyclist)) #9

Same here. I use a Samsung A7 (2017) smartphone

(Sententsiya Sport) #10

My screen is also red, android 8.1 :frowning_face:

(Martyn Reidie) #11

It’s back to almost completely black again today

(Cubangeorge Zwifter) #12

I had that at first today and a black screen with no map view

(Cubangeorge Zwifter) #13

Dame he obtenido Samsung tab s2 with latest update .

(Ian Carson) #14

are zwift doing anything with this. i’ve raised tickets etc

(Bjarke Rasmussen - RaceWBR A) #15

Not red anymore, but almost entirely black

(Ross Barney) #16

I just checked again and mine is now all black. I can’t see anything. Seems to be getting worse rather than better =(