Red screen

(Tan) #21

I am facing the same issue of red screen and some time black screen. I also facing problem of the app connecting to my Elite Director via Bluetooth. It can even find my Bluetooth heartrate sensor.

I am using Lenovo Yogabook YB1-X90L, running on Android 7.1.1 and my Bluetooth heartrate sensor is Geonaute.

(Kevin Gibson) #22

I also have the red screen issue on Moto X4, Android 8.1.0. Sometimes pitch black.

As for the pairing issue just mentioned by 3dwintan, I have noticed that you must turn GPS on in addition to Bluetooth in order for any pairing to happen. I normally leave my GPS off. Something about location permission being required for Bluetooth. Never seen that before.

(Vincent) #23

Hmm thanks for the heads up! We’ve been investigating heart rate issues with Android as of late. I’ll get updates as soon as they come in.

(Craig White ) #24

(Craig White ) #25

Hi I had this yesterday, on first use. Today I logged in and its normal now.

(Tan) #26

I have tried your suggestion leaving my GPS on. No luck… Still cannot detect my trainer…

(Nurwidiyantoro) #27

Same with me, using Vivo V5.
It went into red, when pass a section during training then goes normal after several minutes ride… then went to red again…
However tonight I will try the new update…hopefully there is an improvement

(Marek Hudák) #28

I have black screen on my xiaomi Mi A1, too.

(Nurwidiyantoro) #29

Red screen solve using 1 December 2018 update

(Henk) #30

I sent two logs just now, one from my Teclast T8 where Zwift displays fine, and my newer Mi Pad 4 where Zwift shows black or red.
The following error shows for the Mi Pad 4:
Loading Shader ColorGrade
ERROR: Missing Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/ColorGrade.vsh_es

Anyone else able to check their logs if they see a similar error?

(Brandon Skilton) #31

Ditto here, using an oppo r15 pro, I have a black screen when I load in, the riders and action screen only, menus etc normal. When I lock if to a workout it then turns to a red filtered rider/action screen

(Brandon Skilton) #32

As an add-on , while using workout the screen had the red filter, except for one particular section of the workout when the wattage dropped to very low, 40% FTP… And all the colours came back… Not sure if this means anything other than the beta on this Android can show the colours… But isn’t for some reason… This is on the latest beta version

(Eason Chien) #33

Redmi note 4x

When I choose a workout, the screen turns red.
If you don’t choose, it’s black.

Has been uninstalled and installed many times.

(Sergey Kashin) #34

Same problem on Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite.

Hmm if interval NEAR ftp all works fine

(David Suarez) #35

Same problem!

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(huw) #36

Still a problem. Are swift still looking into this? I note this thread goes back to November 2018.