Red screen

(Tan Edwin(Bike Kaki) ) #21

I am facing the same issue of red screen and some time black screen. I also facing problem of the app connecting to my Elite Director via Bluetooth. It can even find my Bluetooth heartrate sensor.

I am using Lenovo Yogabook YB1-X90L, running on Android 7.1.1 and my Bluetooth heartrate sensor is Geonaute.

(Kevin Gibson) #22

I also have the red screen issue on Moto X4, Android 8.1.0. Sometimes pitch black.

As for the pairing issue just mentioned by 3dwintan, I have noticed that you must turn GPS on in addition to Bluetooth in order for any pairing to happen. I normally leave my GPS off. Something about location permission being required for Bluetooth. Never seen that before.

(Vincent W.) #23

Hmm thanks for the heads up! We’ve been investigating heart rate issues with Android as of late. I’ll get updates as soon as they come in.

(Craig White ) #24


(Craig White ) #25

Hi I had this yesterday, on first use. Today I logged in and its normal now.

(Tan Edwin(Bike Kaki) ) #26

I have tried your suggestion leaving my GPS on. No luck… Still cannot detect my trainer…

(Nurwidiyantoro Permono) #27

Same with me, using Vivo V5.
It went into red, when pass a section during training then goes normal after several minutes ride… then went to red again…
However tonight I will try the new update…hopefully there is an improvement

(Marek Hudák) #28

I have black screen on my xiaomi Mi A1, too.

(Nurwidiyantoro Permono) #29

Red screen solve using 1 December 2018 update

(Henk de Beer) #30

I sent two logs just now, one from my Teclast T8 where Zwift displays fine, and my newer Mi Pad 4 where Zwift shows black or red.
The following error shows for the Mi Pad 4:
Loading Shader ColorGrade
ERROR: Missing Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/ColorGrade.vsh_es

Anyone else able to check their logs if they see a similar error?