Ryzen APU

Thinking about building up a new Zwift pc. With the price of GPUs these days, I was wondering if the new Ryzen APU with VEGA graphics would be able to run zwift at a reasonable frame rate. Alternatively, I could go with an Apple TV 4K as a stopgap. Any insight on the Ryzen APU without GPU option?

Compared to the top end games, Zwift’s graphics are pretty simple, so should run without any problem at all on Ryzen + Vega.

To be honest: I work at AMD developing GPU performance analysis tools. I am planning to upgrade my personal development laptop to a Ryzen + Vega within the next month or two specifically so that I CAN run the latest games and measure their performance!

Thanks Peter.  That is what I was thinking but it was pure guesswork on my part.  I was looking for some backup to the soundness of the idea. I was also thinking that unlike a driving game or a FPS game, the real time interactivity of the user and the graphics response wasn’t that high, comparatively, so as long as the integrated GPU was OK, it should be sufficient.

Since you probably have more better info specific to the question, do you think that the 2200G would be OK or should I just grab a 2400G?

Ryzen 5 2400g, with onboard graphics returns the error “OpenGL 3.1” needs to be installed to operate Zwift.  I am trying to trouble shoot, if anyone knows how this popular message affects specifically these AMD APU/CPU (on board Vega graphics) users?  Thx

I’m updating this post to note success with a 7/2018 AMD driver update, found within those available for the desktop APUs.  

The following identifies the issues AMD had with Open GL:



Hi Alan, I hope you got sorted out, sorry I didn’t see your previous message!

After delayed shipping by HP, I went with a Ryzen 7 2700U Vega10. I had absolutely no problems at all getting the Zwift to work on it.

Chris - I was just about to mention the driver update, but now I see that you updated your post. I’m glad to hear you got it working! Ride on!

Hi Peter,  I got your post over email and wanted to update.  While the Open GL 3.1 issues appear gone, my system freezes on green’ish artifacts, while browsing (w/low graphics).  I haven’t hooked back to Zwift yet, because it has now happened 3 times under the 18.7.1 driver, issued 7/12/18.  My system display shows this driver active.  Windows 10 has been re-installed, but with saving personal files not wholesale re-install.

Searches show AMD APUs struggle with voltage, and some mother boards (whose makers advertised readiness for chips that hadn’t arrived).  My MSI B350M needed return to MSI (for 40 days) to have its BIOS flashed to accept the the on board GPU.  Then, the Open GL issues started, and now “green screen” and “BSOD” issues, which seem pretty widely reported.  Many report the July update fixed things. Unfortunately, i am stuck again.  But it’s good to know that if there weren’t BIOS issues requiring the send back, I would have been waiting for the 7/12/18 update, anyway.    

Glad you have an AMD chip that works.  Can you give configuration, for the less fortunate.  Thanks.