Runspeed (Smart treadmill, Runn, Stryd, foot pod) will not connect/stay connected [1.39.0][May 2023] [SOLVED]

Same here, won’t connect with
either Stryd or my Garmin run pod.

Try switching between run and ride mode on the pairing screen, you might find it connects then.

I just had to update zwift on my android mobile device and after that, runn sensor is not binding anymore.
I do see it on trainerroad and configurez software…
It is a shame. so not able to log my runs on zwift, one of the reasons why i keep my account open over the summer…

Hello all,

Thank you for flagging this up. I’m not seeing evidence that this is widespread, but we should be able to locate a root cause and flag this up to the developers.

For those affected, are you no longer seeing your runspeed sensor in the pairing screen, or is it just otherwise failing to pair?

Rowdy, it’s definitely widespread, multiple threads on it across the different headings.

Definitely a BT issue mostly affecting those using mobile devices to connect Zwift.

Thank you @10K.Every.Day.In.23. For clarity, we’re seeing roughly the same number of Zwifters pair their Runn/Stryd/Footpod devices to 1.39 as we saw a week ago in 1.34. I’ll keep investigating.

Hello folks,

I’ve merged a couple similar threads and flagged this up at HQ. We’re tracking reports and investigating changes.

Update. Switching to bike and back fixed speed and cadence, but broke HR, which was the only thing wirking at first. I got my run in, but without HR. I don’t even see HR on the bike pairing screen.

Hi all,

We’re still looking into this, but it looks like there is a workaround for now:

Please skip the initial Pairing Screen, proceed to the Home Screen, then select the pairing icon on the Home Screen to pair your device.

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Sorry for troubles, Colin.
We found the problem. Fix is coming next release

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Another (possible) work-around:

Switch sports in the pairing screen several times, and then leave it on “Run”.
That may fix it.

Hi, I just want to say that I still have the problem. Been uninstalling and installing the Zwift app every time I want to run.

Have you tried both the workarounds? They work for everybody so far.

Didn’t know about the other one, it might work. I’ll try it next time. Thought I had tried the switching before but didn’t work.

Want to say that the switching between cycling and running indeed worked.

Hey all - this issue has been fixed in game version 1.41, which is rolling out over the next couple of days across all OS platforms. Please update when it is available to you.

This bug is back in the new version

I finally connected and am about to run

Had to switch between menus like I did before that someone posted above

Update today fixed it for me. I still see other threads of people having issues, but this one seems fixed.