RunSocial Treadtracker support

Request that RunSocial’s Treadtracker be added as a supported device for Zwift (on iOS, Android and PC for main game and with iOS and Android support for the Companion app where Bluetooth bridging to PC is required).
I have a RunSocial Treadtracker which I bought to use with Zwift running, after seeing Shane Miller test one and seeing RunSocial say it sends data to Zwift. I have tried to use it with Zwift Companion running on Android to act as the Bluetooth bridge to Zwift running on my PC. Whilst the Treadtracker is “seen” by Zwift in the pairing screen and can be selected as speed source, no speed data is being shown and my avatar does not move. If an iOS device is used to bridge Bluetooth, it works fine, just not with ZC on Android. Zwift on Android does not support the Treadtracker, but Zwift on iOS does.
There have been at least 6 other Zwift users with Treadtrackers with the same issue, whilst two users have advised that Android ZC did used to support the Treadtracker, but after a recent update, this has stopped working. So this may be a request for functionality to be reinstated, rather than new functionality.

Same problem with Apple TV–the Treadtracker is seen on the pairing screen and can be selected as the speed source, but Zwift does not show display any speed information.

July 2019. I have just bought a tread tracker and successfully used it with Zwift on PC, bridged with companion app on android phone. I also tested it successfully with zwift app on android tablet.

I’m leaving this note here because this feature request almost deterred me from buying the tread tracker.

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