Zwift Run - Treadtracker

Not sure if there is a post somewhere that lists tried and tested Running equipment, the one on the Zwift knowledge base only shows a limited number of products. I use RunSocial’s “Treadtracker” device with Zwift running, it works a treat and is compatible with a wide range of treadmills.

Hi Steve,

While all the officially supported sensors, foot pods, and treadmills are listed on our Zwift KB article, if you have discovered other devices that work with Zwift, we’re eager to know about it.

We do have a Feature Request Forum and I’d highly encourage you to visit these forums to search for similar types of suggestions that you and others may share to help improve Zwift. If you like, you can even add a request of your own.

looks pretty nice… and the fact it will work really with any treadmill it can have a contact point with is a bonus.