Running workout issues

When I try to select a running workout the distance and speed are extremely high and unrealistic… Is this a known issue

Have you set your personal best times for the distances?

The pace for a workout is based on these.
If these are too quick then yes you’ll struggle.

This article will help.


I have set my PBs

I have taken a screenshot of the “Inspire” workout. You will see the length of the run… 300 odd Ks
However the “Hill + Tempo” workout for 20 min looks normal

Could you check if the same workout when you login to see if you have the same or similar issues


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There’s something seriously screwed up with the representation of dates there which suggests a problem with the time management. This is not a widespread issue, there’s something odd or broken about your setup or your computer.

Hi David,

This is what I see so there is something amiss somewhere with your setup. What happens if you do to complete the workout? Does it provide you with equally unrealistic targets or look normal.

I’ve seen the issue with the over populated dates before so not sure the two issues are linked.

Run On!

I haven’t tried to do the workout…

Very weird… Seems to have coincided with the Neokyo update