Custom Running Workouts - "run at" pace shows min instead of meters [July 2024]

When completing a running workout, the segments are reporting the distance as minutes, so I have a 1 mile segment that the workout tells me “run at 8.9kph for 1609 minutes” instead of 1609 meters.

Hi @Bryan_McKenney_Dirt ! It looks like this is a custom running workout. Are you creating this in TrainingPeaks? Could you detail how you are creating it?

I think I’ve figured it out with my own TrainingPeaks workout. It looks like this happens with intervals/steps that are based on distance. I’ll flag this up at HQ. In the meantime, you should be able to avoid this by setting those workout blocks as steady state blocks.

Feel free to reach out to Support if we can help assist further!

Yes, it is a Custom workout from Training Peaks, but the intervals are based on distance (step workout slightly increasing the speed). To me this is one of those annoy bugs, that really has no impact (I know that I don’t have any 26+ hour intervals in my workout), but thanks for the quick response

Thank you Bryan! I edited my previous comment a bit for clarity and to fix my typo. It looks like this can be recreated for any Two/Three Step Repeat or Ramp Up/Down custom running workout blocks. Your photo illustrates the issue quite well- the warm up block will say to run for 1 mile, but the next 12 blocks appear to be 12 steps in a custom ramp up interval block, which will ask you to run for 400 minutes instead of 400 meters. In Zwift, the duration of the block still counts down based on your distance, so I agree that it only really has a cosmetic impact.

Either way, for any folks who want to avoid this in the meantime, please replace any repeat/ramp blocks in TrainingPeaks with equivalent active blocks.

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