Custom Workout Pacing Bug


I’m creating custom running workouts that are time based.

I have noticed that the thresholdSecPerKm tag is not being respected again. I filed a bug report here:, which was fixed, but is now broken again.

In the picture attached, the power values for running are reflected as the user’s profile time, instead of using the workout file’s 300 thresholdSecPerKm tag, which should show 12.0kph and 5.0kph in the PowerHigh/OnPower and PowerLow/OffPower values respectively.’

See the workout file that is not working below:

      <author>James Rees</author>
      <name>Day 1</name>
      <description>Welcome to the 05:00/km Pace Builder. These 27 workouts consist of 3 training days per week. Set your 5km time to 00:25:00 in your profile to complete these workouts at the correct pace. In todays workout:
      - 5 minute warmup

      20 minutes of:
      - 60 second run
      - 90 second walk

      - 5 minute minute cool down</description>
      <activitySaveName>05:00/km Pace Builder - Week 1, Day 1</activitySaveName>
     <category>05:00/km Pace Builder</category>
     <subcategory>Week 1</subcategory>
      <Warmup Duration="300" PowerLow="0.416666" PowerHigh="0.416666" pace="1"> <!-- 0.416666 = 5km/h -->
            <textevent timeoffset="1" duration="10" message="Welcome to the first week of the 05:00/km Pace Builder Plan!"/>
            <textevent timeoffset="10" duration="10" message="After our warm up, we will run for 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds."/>
            <textevent timeoffset="20" duration="10" message="We will do this 8 times before a short cool down."/>
      <IntervalsT Repeat="8" OnDuration="60" OffDuration="90" OnPower="1" OffPower="0.416666" pace="1"/>
      <Cooldown Duration="300" PowerLow="0.416666" PowerHigh="0.416666" pace="1">
            <gameplayevent timeoffset="0" duration="5000" type="GPE_CELEBRATION" /> 
            <textevent timeoffset="1" duration="10" message="Good job!"/>