Running with iPad for display but apple watch for speed and HR

How do I use apple watch to feed both speed and heart rate data to zwift running on iPad vs iphone?

New to Zwift and trying out the running feature. I can run using the zwift app on my iphone and get speed and HR data from my apple watch. Cool. But my iphone is a small screen and want a bigger display. Tried running zwift on ipad and while I can use zwift companion app to get the HR feed, the speed data does not seem to flow so the avatar does not move on the ipad display. It did move ok in the iphone display.

So has anyone made the connection from the apple watch to feed both speed and HR to another display other than the phone? I also have an apple tv i have been using for riding but not tried setting monitor up in front of treadmill but assume will have same companion feed problems as ipad.

Hi @Chris_Ryan1 welcome to Zwift forums.

The Apple Watch can broadcast heart rate data to Zwift. See this article on our Support Hub.

The speed data will need to come from a treadmilll / run pod / smart shoes or RUNN device which broadcasts speed via Bluetooth LE. See this list of supported run speed devices.

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Yes I have read these articles but this doesn’t explain why I can use the Apple Watch for speed and HR data when running the zwift app on the iPhone but cannot get speed data data from the zwift companion app when running the zwift app on iPad and getting HR data from the companion app.

Is there a limit on how much data the companion app can transmit?

By any chance are you logged in on both devices?
Please end all sessions by “trash canning” them on all devices. Then log in from the iPad only.

By logged in I assume you mean with the zwift app on both devices. I was only logged in to the zwift app on the ipad but I was running the zwift companion app on the iphone. I was not also running zwift app on iphone at same time as companion. Companion starts without prompting but must be doing some form of authenticating or connecting to zwift app on ipad over the same wifi and hopefully not also back out to zwift (cloud?)