Running Calibration crashes the client app

The answer from Gerrie provides the sole explanation that makes sense to me. I use a 2018 model Wahoo KICKR that dates from spring 2019, which I spindown about once a week (every 250km or so) in Zwift (90% of the time) or in the Wahoo app (10% of the time). In all that time, I have never noticed a change in resistance following a successful spindown in either app. The day I experience negative issues or failures with spindowns in Zwift, which is marginally more convenient to run if I’m already paired in Zwift, it’s good to know I’ll be able to use the Wahoo app.

I did the calibration on Saris app as well. Fyi I just switched from Wahoo Kickr Snap to Saris H3 recently and I felt a lot heavier to pedal and my average watt went down significantly on Saris H3. I suspect this have something to do between the trainer and Zwift app. (Especially how zwift reads the gradient wrong)

Going from a wheel-on trainer to direct drive always changes things somewhat, making it either easier or harder. It’s likely a lot more accurate now.


Can’t you just change gears. The DC rainmaker review of the H3 showed that it to be very accurate in measuring power.

I have duel recorded the H3 an assioma dual power pedals and they are very close.

Sure, Its just strange. I used to pedal at 6th gear rear cassette and large chainring on my wahoo kickr snap. Now I have to shift down to 5th or even 4th gear on saris h3. Thanks for the reply btw :slight_smile:

yeah, that could be the reason. But I am really curious what it’s gonna look like after zwift calibration crashing issue got resolved. (if there’s a difference after zwift calibration or not).

there should be Zero difference. I have calibrated using Zwift (ANT+) and the SARIS app. it all feel the same and power match Power pedals.

Hi Gerrie, ever since the calibration started crashing Zwift, I cannot calibrate using Ant+ because the little wrench icon doesn’t show up… It only shows up when tied to Bluetooth

Yes, when I calibrate using the Saris app it feels like I am cycling through mud but when calibrated through Zwift my entire experience is better.

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Same problem here, swift on Android crashes when I try to calibrate it with my H3. I already calibrated it in the Saris app… But it does not feel the same. I feel the pedals loose and as the ERG is not working well

Thank you for this, to everyone who is struggling I had to order ant+ dongle to to pair zwift and calibrate it via zwift app. It is not the same experience as others have stated using the saris app and connecting after. I’ve done several ramp test and ant + fc-e is the way. Why in the absolute world would saris not include a 20$ chip that you need is beyond my mind.

Because not every body use ant+.

The H3 was calibrated with the Saris app. Works on ROUVY but not on Zwift.